Academia-Cybernet Linkage

The role of education is strengthened with its effectiveness of application. Similarly, the industry best survives on the basis of sound knowledge. There seems to be an apparent disconnect between the educational systems and industrial institutions which has caused both sectors to partially suffer in face of adversity. On the contrary, the combination of these two entities has proved to be immensely powerful in the pursuit of progress and advancement. At Cybernet, we encourage and fully endorse connections and linkages with the academia to eradicate the gap.

Cybernet employs state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology. As part of our engagement with the academia, we have hosted university visits to our top notch facilities. Students seek practical knowledge with respect to their curriculum at the university. We match their required information with the specific field/department at Cybernet. The visits usually comprise of a tour of our facility and sessions by subject-matter experts.

We aim to collaborate with the faculty of different universities in order to amplify the effectiveness of our reach to educational institutions. We interact with various university professionals to understand the requirements of the institutions, their academic curriculum and their plans for the future so as to match them with our own. The idea is to inculcate the students with a sense of the practical world as they simultaneously focus on the theoretical concepts.