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Every department at Cybernet is shaping the future of our society!

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Technical Functions


Our state-of-the-art NOC acts as the backbone of the organization. The core responsibility of NOC is to ensure supervision of complex networking environments for all our clientele. In order to maintain a total quality service, our competent engineers monitor different networks against certain sensitive conditions to prevent any disruptions in the service. We understand the environment our clientele operates in which is why NOC’s primary focus is on monitoring power failures, communication line alarms and other performance related issues that can affect the network.


TAC is a customer support department that entertains the queries of clients around the clock. We are determined to provide you with total quality. Therefore, we employ the best talent to ensure operations are managed without an issue. Our TAC engineers are responsible for resolving queries on-call as well as on-field depending on the nature of the problem.


Fiber Optics is one of the most significant functions in Cybernet. This department is mainly responsible in monitoring the network at the physical layer – preventing any damages to the layer, ensuring smooth operations and monitoring connectivity in the infrastructure. Our infrastructure differentiates us from others as service providers. The specialized team employed in Fiber Optics has executed a well-planned and maintained infrastructure which expands as per business requirements. As is the case with other departments within the organization, Fiber Optics also uses the latest GPON technology which enables them to track issues in a very short span of time.


The Project Management department divides its functions across 3 teams.

  • Deployment Team:
    This team supervises the deployment of fiber for clients – ensuring the fiber extends from its current location to the premises of the client.
  • Project Management Team (Civil work):
    Cybernet is continuously expanding. With new ventures and businesses, we strive to provide our employees the best facilities. Everything, from the new office infrastructure to the data centers, is developed by Project management team.
  • Site & Facilities:
    Once the new facilities have been established, the Site & Facilities team steps in to ensure full maintenance and management of the infrastructure.


RapidSupport is a support department of RapidCompute which functions as a TAC. Due to the nature of the business, engineers in RapidSupport are equipped with different skill-sets.
The Support team is responsible for administering software defined storage as well as network and multiple hypervisors; monitor systems and identify performance issues proactively; and lastly, manage Linux and Windows Server platforms with accompanying applications and databases.

The role of Support is highly important and specialized. Our different business divisions require system engineers who adopt similar responsibilities.


Our Software Engineering department has shown the most growth in the technical domain. Our teams have expanded greatly and function under 3 separate businesses – Lakson Business Solutions (LBS), RapidCompute and Cybernet, respectively.

All 3 teams handle different projects. The team in LBS caters to internal (Lakson Group of Companies) and external customers. The team in RapidCompute works on financial applications related to Cloud Computing. The team in Cybernet works on the software applications for new business ventures.

Our Software Engineering teams work with the latest development languages and frameworks. Considering the rapid technological advancements, all software applications are developed with agility to embrace the future needs.

Business Functions


Revenue generation is synonymous to Corporate Sales. Our exceptional Sales teams are committed to bring new clients on-board and efficiently manage the existing ones. To manage operations nationwide, the Sales teams are divided across 3 regions – South, Central and North.  In each of these regions, the Sales teams assess the market needs and cater to them. Account Managers are trained to understand the technical needs and business perspective of the clients.  Account Managers and Executives coordinate with other departments to ensure the best services are delivered to our clients.


At Cybernet, the Finance domain is at the forefront of planning investments, yearly budgets and estimating future costs. Divided in three sub departments, Costing & Budgeting, Legal and Accounts, this department directs the financial success of our overall business.


The sensitive nature of our businesses sets our Marketing domain spiraling into developing creative solutions. Each business venture relies heavily on the marketing team to leverage their offerings. From branding to communication, our Marketing team keeps the brand alive. In order to offer a 360-degree solution, the role of Marketing involves cross-functional coordination on every step. The exposure is brilliant and at every step, the team faces different yet challenging goals.


At Cybernet, the role of HCM breaks away from conservative approach to bring you a progressive experience. While at the basic level the team manages human capital, at the strategic level, it ensures employees receive a well-rounded employment experience. From developing and planning internal as well as external training programs, to introducing avenues for employee engagement, HCM promises to give human capital the complete package.


A company’s growth is also complemented by the efficiency of its Supply Chain team. Not only do efficient Supply Chain operations help our Company to reduce costs but also maintain social responsibility in our actions. At Cybernet, the Supply Chain team ensures timely delivery of all the equipment, tools and technical accessories required for fiber deployment, office use or any other project need. Our expert professionals deal with various vendors in a wide range of areas.  The overall responsibilities are challenging yet interesting where your contributions matter from the point of obtaining raw materials to delivering the final service.